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Age Spots / Pigmented Lesions

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Stafford Urgent Care offers a safer, faste, more comfortable  and more affordable pigmented lesion and tattoo removal options that methods in the past. Utilizing the latest technology (SkinClear Super Q-Switched Nd; YAG Laser System) along with qualified technicians, we are able to offer comfortable, safe skin spot/pigmented lesion and tattoo removal.

Because of the Q-Switched laser technology, it is easier than ever to target ink and melanin without causing thermal damage to surrounding skin.

There are multiple factors to consider when targeting tattoo such as size, age, color, location and skin tone. Therefore, every treatment plan is specifically tailored to each individual client. the number of treatments depends on these factors as well as the patient's desired results.

Age spots and other pigmented lesions can be significantly faded or completely removed using the same technology but with fewer treatments than tattoos. In many cases the desired results are achieved in as few as 1 -2 treatments.

Skin Treatment / Tattoo Removal